AJ’s 790 Lampredi



Block: Tipo motor: 1580cc, cut in half

Ignition: Uno coil, Uno 70SL distributor, Modified Uno Turbo distributor cap

Exhaust: Stainless extractors [1.25"], which clip on straight pipe or muffler

Flywheel: Custom steel [4.5 kgs]

Carburetion Dellorto 40 DHLA

Custom Aluminium inlet manifold

Pistons & con rods dynamically balanced

Crank & flywheel / clutch dynamically balanced

Camshaft: Fiat 128 coupe


Fiat 126 Hubs front and rear

Front Brakes: Fiat 850 Coupe callipers with stainless inserts

Rear Brakes: Fiat 126

Master Cylinder: Fiat 126

Front Leaf Spring: Fiat 126 with extra leaf and reverse eyes

Front: Spax shocks

Rear: Koni's skocks

Guards have been rolled

Suspension Arms, Front, Rear and Leaf spring have been modified / shortened 30mm Wheels within guards fit with NO modifications to exterior body


Fiat 126 Rack & Pinion

Cromodora's 5.0 * 13

Tyres: Bridgestone V Grid; 175/50 by 13"


Fiat 126

High tensile allen bolts to hubs