Simon’s Mclaren/Yamaha 350



The 500 was imported from Italy in 1991 having undergone a full body restoration. This was to be a mule for a project running at the time with Mclaren cars under the guidance of Gordon Murray, (designer of the World acclaimed supercar; the Mclaren F1 ) they were looking at developing a small town car. 

The 500 was used as a base when they looked into the optimum power to weight ratio within this car, which had a similar weight to the proposed new design. The original engine was replaced by a Yamaha 350 Quad bike engine (as this has a reverse gear) and six speed sequential box, giving an output of 32bhp (compared to the 18bhp for the original 500 engine) 

The Car was equipped with a full Pi data logging system from an ex le mans racer, and is the only form of instrumentation. This has sensors for Engine speed, oil temp in and out, engine oil temp, cylinder head temp and road speed. 

All modifications were done in a non destructive way, the only mods to the chassis are a lowered leaf spring at the front and lowered coils with adjustable spax's at the back. All mechanical work was carried out at the Mclaren factory and beautifully executed. The original 500 diff is retained within a purpose built casing. 

When Gordon Murray moved on from Mclaren (unfortunately  the project was canned) he took the car with him. Simon bought the car from a colleague of his who works with him at Gordon Murray design (as is) in 2006. Gordon Murray has recently set up his own Company to amongst other things develop a small town car named T25.